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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Using technology to strategically protect your business from data loss.

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At ThinkTech IT, we always attempt to prioritize security. We offer solutions to build comprehensive strategies for organizational physical security, network security, and cybersecurity with one singular focus: to protect assets. In most cases, the asset we are focused on is your business’ data. Failure to protect your data can have several devastating results for your business.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), is a platform that takes the guesswork out of disaster recovery. We take data protection to the next level by applying risk management best practices to come up with a workable strategy that will combine some of the best hardware, software, and technical proficiency in one completely managed service.

Build Continuity

Disaster recovery is an essential part of a wider business continuity strategy.

Business continuity is a detailed process that’s success is largely dictated by how prepared a business is for negative situations. At ThinkTech IT, we ensure that your disaster recovery platform is well structured with seamless orchestration using some of today’s most advanced tools. Our team of knowledgeable technicians understand that production failures can come from many different parts of your business. As a result, our DRaaS platform dedicates attention to limiting downtime, no matter where it comes from.

DRaaS isn’t a replacement for, but a resource of, your company’s business continuity platform. For this reason, the aim is to coordinate action and ensure that all the digital resources - including onsite and cloud-hosted assets - are redundant, available, and are at the ready for restoration in a manner commensurate with your organization’s needs. Weighing organizational risk for disaster, whether it be...

  • Natural disaster
  • Failure in your organizational processes
  • Cyberattack
  • Result of human failure

…plays a crucial part in designing and maintaining a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.

Actively Accounting for Risk

Weighting specific risk helps build a custom DR platform for your business.

Ensuring that your business can recover from any disaster that strikes is the name of the game for any successful disaster recovery strategy. That means establishing a DR policy where downtime is kept to a minimum. In order to do that, our technicians work to build system redundancy, while also identifying where your business is most susceptible to monetary and productivity loss. This lets us significantly reduce your RTO and RPO metrics. Depending on the disaster, having DRaaS from ThinkTech IT in place could be the difference between being in business and closing up shop forever.

DRaaS from ThinkTech IT

Our Custom DRaaS will literally save your business.

Once our technicians have ascertained exactly how to best build the disaster recovery platform your business needs, we will launch a scaled down version of your current environment that is constantly managed, maintained, and tested to ensure that it is ready for any situation that is thrown your business’ way. This provides the best opportunity to get back to business as usual.

Since most businesses today need to meet security and compliance standards, we build out your disaster recovery platform to meet every standard that your day-to-day business needs to meet. We also offer end-to-end transparency of your recovery infrastructure so that any intricacies your business has are taken into consideration.

You need to protect your business from the threat of extended downtime, no matter the cause. Complete the form or call us today at (888) 574-6365 to talk to one of our DR experts and get started protecting your business’ most crucial assets today!

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