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What Our Clients Say

Helpful & Reliable

ThinkTech IT has assisted Westfield Memorial Library through numerous projects both large and small. From overhauling our e-commerce system to monthly computer updates, ThinkTech has proved helpful and reliable. During a weekend internet outage, ThinkTech was onsite working with the library to get us back on track. They are attentive, keen on detail, and overall a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to any business looking for outstanding IT services.

Westfield Memorial Library

Professional Assistance!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your professional assistance in setting up our new IT infrastructure at our office. You and your team are providing my staff with the expertise that we need to operate our IT System in the most efficient manner possible, especially through our busy "tax" season. ThinkTech IT's guidance in the selection of our new office hardware, installation of our software programs and network management service has allowed our office to continue expansion. I wanted to express our gratitude for your continued assistance.

Mannuzza & Company, LLC

Speed & Quality Service

Your monthly network management is providing a great service to our team as we begin to scale our operations at home and abroad. In particular, several team members have commented on the speed and quality of your service. ThinkTech's guidance has helped us navigate the challenges of growing a fast-growing startup, and we thank you for continued service and help as a valued service provider.

DeepIntent, Inc

Valuable Resource

I enthusiastically recommend ThinkTech IT as a vendor, and more so, a partner. Veckridge Chemical has been contracted with ThinkTech IT for roughly three years as our IT Managed Service (ITMS) provider. In that time, they have proven a valuable resource for the company, both in a tactical sense as our tech support team for our office staff and remote sales workers, and in a more strategic sense, guiding us as we modernize our IT infrastructure and environment to create more value for our own customers. Overall, ThinkTech IT has created a net positive bottom line value for our business as lingering problems have been solved and the company was able to shift organizational time away from IT troubleshooting to growing its core business.

Veckridge Chemical Company, Inc.

Very Impressive!

I'm not sure what I'm more impressed with, the quick response time or patience assisting my staff. Thanks so much!

Dani J.

Custom Solutions

ThinkTech IT was able to create many custom solutions to fit my business needs.

Saad Saghir

PCI Compliance

Thanks for helping us meet compliance requirements for PCI and explain everything to me with such diligence.

J. Telner